First post & shit.


So.. Hi.
Maya has pleaseantly invited me to her house for a swim.
I am looking at panadol, topical fruit slices?, a water bottle, empty cup, many a cd, a cool old skool camera and many other miscellaneous trinkets. I like chilling here, good times.

We got maccas for breakfast at 10am, took her brothers bikes, maya got bashed by her brother, we ate,  and talked about Aaron turning 20 in april, GLLL. So as we were eating some kid tried to steal the bikes..
But it turned out to be mayas little brothers, but at least we didnt have to treck back to hers uphill dragging along bikes hehe.
Were currently waiting on Aaron whose over 3 hours late, and not answering his phone.
HeAPs ReliAblEz!!1 We are eating toblerone and enjoyed a kayak ride in her pool not too long ago.
I like the frog fountain.. that doesnt work?



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